The history of the farm Warmwaterberg and the hot spring, which is situated thereon, is closely interwoven with the history of the Le Grange family who today, five generations and 119 years later, still remain in control of the property.

In 1748 a choice and round “loan farm” called Uitvlugt (or Het Vlugt), about a third of the way from Barrydale to Ladismith in the Klein Karoo, was registered to Gideon de Jager.

The first to make mention of the springs in his writings was William Paterson.

In June 1778 Paterson crossed the Langeberg over Platte Kloof to enter what he calls “Channa Land”. Then he turned westwards, crossing the Little Karoo and arrived at the springs in the evening with his comrade, Sebastiaan van Reenen, where they eventually spent three days.
Warmwaterberg appears on maps as early as 1780, just a few years later.

It appears that the first farmhouse (opstal), today known as “Arende” and occupied by management, was only built in 1829 and is thus the oldest standing building on the entire property.

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